About the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation

The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation (the Foundation) strives to advance the vitality of Indianapolis and the well-being of its people by addressing the city’s most significant challenges and opportunities across three focus areas: Education, Health and the Vitality of Indianapolis. To advance its work, the Foundation implements a three-pronged approach: strategic grantmaking, evidence-based advocacy, and cross-sector collaboration and convening. Learn more at


The Foundation seeks a vendor to modify the existing data section of our website or build a new interface with an interactive Report to the Community. The Foundation conceptualizes the Report to the Community as an annually updated interactive dashboard with accompanying text that will provide the Foundation and other stakeholders with a deeper understanding of relevant data in our key focus areas. The site should be presented in a way that will invite visitors to interact with the data, download the data, and share the content.

The Foundation’s existing website is built on WordPress and uses Tableau software to present data. We seek a vendor that can provide the option of continuing to use existing software or custom-build new software, if necessary. The new section should be integrated in look and style with other updates across the website and be developed to support expandable data points and functionality over time.

Priority will be given to a vendor that can both design and develop the site, although the Foundation will also consider multiple vendors, preferably with a lead contractor and subcontractor structure.

Scope of Work

The vendor will present design recommendations and alternatives for the Foundation to consider, including mock-ups of key pages and example data visualizations using Foundation-provided data. After finalizing the design plan, the vendor will create design proofs of all pages for additional feedback, including editing and proofreading, prior to implementing approved changes to the website. The Foundation anticipates more than one round of review before finalizing designs and approving final proofs.

The vendor will be responsible for implementing the site design and the efficient conversion to working pages. This work includes depictions of all imagery, typefaces, colors, and graphics in accordance with the Foundation’s brand guidelines.

The specific data elements included in the Report to the Community will be finalized in conjunction with the vendor. The Foundation anticipates including approximately 40-50 measures across the topics of education, health, social determinants of health, civic/community health, vitality of Indianapolis, and demographics.

For this scope of work, the Foundation prioritizes the following functionality:

  • Interactive figures, graphs, and data visualizations
  • Comparisons between Indianapolis, Indiana, and the United States
  • Disaggregation of data by race/ethnicity, income, education level, etc.
  • Tracking data over time
  • Ability for users to download the data for their own use, for example as .csv files
  • Ability for users to download a report with source data tables and data visualizations
  • Ability for users to share website elements (e.g., sub-pages, custom graphs) on social platforms or in collateral materials

The Foundation seeks to update the Report to the Community annually, as new data are available. The vendor should build functionality of the site and tools to allow the Foundation to update the data. Additionally, future iterations of the website may include more in-depth interaction, maps, and comparisons with other cities. The site should be designed and built to support future development in these areas.

An example of the look and functionality the Foundation would consider is this dashboard, which provides similar indicators for Austin, TX.

Proposal Requirements

The vendor should provide a full proposal in PDF format with the following information:

  • A description of the approach to this work, including the process and timeline, number of rounds of feedback and revisions, etc.
  • The content and functionality of the proposed Dashboard; if applicable, the vendor may propose multiple options and alternatives
  • Examples of the vendor’s previous relevant work
  • A detailed budget for all options presented

The proposal should be limited to a 5-page narrative and up to 5 pages of additional attachments. The Foundation’s targeted budget range for this work is $25,000-$45,000.


The Foundation would like to have all deliverables finalized by, and “go live” date of, no later than October 30, 2020. To meet that deadline, the Foundation is requesting an initial indication of interest by July 10, 2020. Indications of interest may be submitted through a brief email response; there is no required format. Full proposals are due by 5 p.m. Eastern Time on July 21, 2020, with an anticipated vendor selection date of July 31, 2020. Indications of interest and full proposals should be submitted via email to David Bear, Director of Communications, at the following email address:


Questions about this request for proposals may be directed to David Bear, Director of Communications, at