BioCrossroads menyelaras penglibatan rentas sektor, sains data dan penyelidikan untuk memajukan industri sains hayat Indiana dan memacu pertumbuhan ekonomi di Indianapolis.

Universiti Butler memulakan pembesaran dan pengubahsuaian tiga fasa kompleks sains universiti untuk menyokong pembelajaran dan inovasi pelajar abad ke-21.

Too few of Indianapolis’ Black and Latino students and students from low-income families are prepared to succeed in today’s STEM workforce. To respond to this challenge, Purdue University created a new high school model designed to develop a new generation of skilled STEM talent better able to transition from high school to college and careers.

The 16 Tech Innovation District is a one-of-a-kind economic engine for the city dedicated to world-changing innovation and commercial breakthroughs by bringing together entrepreneurs, academics, corporations and creatives in a single place designed to spark the exchange of ideas that leads to innovation.

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Urusan Kolej is the Fairbanks Foundation's $15 million initiative to increase the number of Marion County high schoolers who enroll in college. Learn more.
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