हमारा काम

इंडियानापोलिस की जीवन शक्ति और उसके लोगों की भलाई को आगे बढ़ाना

The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation strives to achieve its goals through grantmaking, research, communications, and collaboration with grantees, other foundations, civic leaders, policymakers, and employers.

The Foundation awards grants that align with our three focus areas: Education, Health, and the Vitality of Indianapolis. We also share compelling data and evidence-based policy and program recommendations to help local and state partners better understand and address critical issues affecting Indianapolis. In addition, we evaluate the impact of our grants and track the progress made by focus area.

We know that we cannot achieve our goals alone, which is why we partner with organizations working in aligned focus areas to maximize efforts and outcomes.

To learn more about our focus areas, please contact Senior Program Officer Kami Nielsen.