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The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation is proud to announce one-time grants to six nonprofit organizations doing vital work to address the root causes of violent crime. This year’s Charitable Grants recipients are the Domestic Violence Network, Eclectic Soul VOICES Corporation, Martin Luther King Center, Phalen Leadership Academies Indiana, Silent No More, Inc. and Thomas Ridley’s 1 Like Me.

Reducing the amount of nicotine in cigarettes may lead some current smokers to smoke more – at least in the short term. But there’s also evidence that reducing nicotine in cigarettes can help reduce smoking.

Here’s how the new Charitable Grants program works. Each year, the Foundation identifies funding themes based on pressing needs in Indianapolis. These themes guide the selection of six Indianapolis organizations that are addressing these needs in our city. Organizations cannot apply to the Charitable Grants program, and the grants are awarded on a one-time basis.

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