Addressing community challenges requires a clear understanding of current outcomes and a commitment to monitoring those results over time. That’s why the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation launched the لقطة بيانات المجتمع in February 2021, offering a free, centralized tool for accessing comprehensive data on pressing community issues. The CDS also contains demographic information, comprises more than 250 charts, and is updated regularly as new data become available from federal, state and local sources.

June 2023 updates to the Education section of the CDS allow users to view and compare data for individual schools and school corporations, and to view outcomes by school type, including district, public charter, Innovation Network, and private schools. The available data represent a range of student outcomes – from test scores to student discipline and various measures of college and career readiness – and can be disaggregated by student characteristics like race/ethnicity, family income, English learner status and more.

These updates allow parents, education leaders, community-based organizations and others to better understand outcomes for individual schools and school types, adding clarity to Marion County’s complex education landscape. The Foundation’s CDS provides users with the most detailed education dashboards for Indianapolis schools.

Watch our video for a two-minute tutorial on how to use the Community Data Snapshot to better understand education outcomes and schools in Indianapolis.

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