Modern Apprenticeship is designed to prepare Central Indiana high school students for the workforce with paid, hands-on experience that complements their traditional coursework. At the same time, the program broadens the workforce pipeline by offering employers a way to meet current and future staffing needs.

The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation has awarded $9 million since 2019 to support the program, as well as the Modern Apprenticeship Community of Practice, a statewide forum for apprenticeship-related stakeholders to share best practices. The current cohort includes more than 70 high school students working across the Indianapolis area in apprenticeships that also provide college credits, with plans to expand to 360 students by 2025.

Apprenticeships are offered in fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, financial services and education. Data from similar youth programs show employers realize $1.42 in value for every $1 invested in an apprentice, making the Modern Apprenticeship program a win-win for Indianapolis students and employers.

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