As the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation has worked to improve the education, health and vitality of Indianapolis, we’ve commissioned a number of research projects and studies to help guide our efforts.

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Jun 2024

Indiana has some of the highest smoking and vaping rates in the nation. This isn’t just bad for public health – it also significantly impacts our state’s economy. This report summary consolidates the findings of four separate research studies commissioned by the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation about the impacts of smoking and vaping in Indiana. Specific topics covered include the “hidden tax” of smoking paid by Hoosier employers, tobacco’s impact on the economy, the projected benefits of a $2 per pack cigarette tax increase, and the harmful effects of the vaping epidemic in Indiana.
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Oktober 2023

The use of e-cigarettes is increasing rapidly, and Indiana has the seventh-highest vaping rate in the country. While there is evidence youth e-cigarette use is on the decline, Marion County youth are vaping more than their peers statewide. This is especially concerning because, as the study notes, e-cigarettes are not a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. In fact, some e-cigarettes contain just as much nicotine as traditional cigarettes – if not more. The study’s findings show vaping comes with considerable health risks, including impaired brain development and increased risk of cardiovascular and pulmonary health conditions. The report also highlights how stakeholders can play a role in reducing the use of e-cigarettes.
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Julai 2023

A study on the impacts of Teach For America Indianapolis found TFA teachers with one to two years of experience were somewhat more effective at improving student achievement than non-TFA teachers with similar experience levels, while TFA teachers in schools with at least five TFA peers were substantially more effective at increasing student achievement. Additionally, TFA teachers were placed in higher-need schools than other first-year teachers, and, in recent years, TFA teachers have been more racially diverse than other new teachers. Further, the study finds that TFA teachers’ greater effectiveness more than made up for the negative impact on student achievement associated with their higher turnover rate.
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Jun 2023

In 2018, the Fairbanks Foundation launched Perkara Pencegahan, a four-year, $13.5 million grant initiative aimed at helping K-12 schools in Marion County identify, implement and sustain evidence-based substance use prevention programs. In addition to a formal, external evaluation of the initiative, the Foundation also created “lessons learned” documents. The first document is designed for schools seeking to implement and sustain successful prevention programs, while the second is aimed at funders seeking guidance for prevention program-focused grantmaking.
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April 2023

Reducing tobacco use would unquestionably save lives in Indiana, where the smoking rate remains higher than the national average. Decreasing tobacco consumption also would drive substantial economic gains in the state, including population growth, added jobs, and higher incomes.
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Februari 2023

From extra absenteeism and unsanctioned smoking breaks to excess healthcare costs, employees who smoke cost Indiana employers $3.1 billion annually, which serves as an additional “tax” for Indiana businesses equaling 1.7% of total wages. In Marion County alone in 2022, businesses paid nearly $609 million in this hidden “smoking tax.” To lessen these economic impacts, Indiana must decrease its smoking rate. The method proven most effective in reducing that rate – increasing Indiana’s cigarette tax – would improve public health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs by $795 million and generate $356 million in new annual revenue for the state.
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